Our Family

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Jadon and Blush


Jonah is 14 and the oldest boy. He has recently had quite the growth spurt and is now the tallest person in the family-- with a size 13 foot! Jonah is a great helper outside with the dogs and also top of his class in school-- he's a bookworm.


Josiah is 10. He is the family smarty-pants along with being the family comedian. He really enjoys making the family laugh, and does a great job doing it!


Jadon is 8 and mom's best helper. Whether it's feeding the dogs or cleaning the house he is always willing to help. While Jadon plays soccer, basketball and baseball, he is by far the star baseball player of the family. Jadon loves the dogs and has the most tender heart.


Jude is 4 and will always be the baby. He is the sweetest most loving boy that always has a smile on his face. He can truly brighten just about anyone's day.

Kristin is my oldest, she just turned 22, and only girl. She graduated from undergraduate May of this year with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Biblical Studies. Kristin will be attending PA school in 2013.

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