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Black & Yellow puppies available to loving homes.

Contact Ed Gleason at bigwhiskeylabradors@gmail.com for information

We do not sell dogs for breeding purposes, they are sold as pets on AKC Limited Registration


See some of labs that are loved by others on ourReferralpage.

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Our dogs are sold as pets on AKC Limited Registration, and wedo notsell dogs for breeding purposes. Those deemed worthy of being bred are kept in our own show and breeding program.

~ Email bigwhiskeylabradors@gmail.com for more information ~

Labrador puppies are priced at $2000. We do keep lists and accept deposits for upcoming litters. Deposits are $500, with the balance of $1500 due upon receipt of your puppy. We do ship puppies via Delta Airlines, buyer pays all costs associated with shipping. Dogs older than 6 months are usually less, price varies according to the particular dog.

The primary purpose for our litters is to replenish our breeding and show dog program. We are very selective in which puppies we keep, and therefore have several from each litter that are available to approved pet homes. Please be aware that we do not normally sell puppies that are represented as Show Prospects, as those puppies go into our own show and breeding program.


Our young puppies are currently priced at $2000; older puppies vary in pricing. We do take deposits and keep lists in order of deposits received.


Most conformation breeders have their puppies listed for $1500 - 2500. There are many expenses involved in reducing the risks of longterm health problems in your companion dog, and these prices reflect that. A puppy you find for less money will most likely come from what is referred to as a 'backyard breeder'. Most of the people who breed their pets together are not in the sport of purebred dogs, do not research the health and genetics behind their Labrador pedigrees, and do not perform the necessary hip, elbow and eye testing of the breeding stock. Although x-rays and tests can get pricey, they give breeders a higher chance that their puppies will live long and healthy lives, free of the genetic problems that affect so many Labradors around the world.

Also, you can read a little about our breeding program by clicking here.

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